Happy Navratri Wishes

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May you become victorious over all the problems in life just like the goddess Durga emerged victorious over the evil. Wishing you nine wonderful nights of peace and happiness!

May you and your family be protected by the power of goddess Durga forever. Enjoy this beautiful occasion of Navratri with your family and close ones!

May all your wishes come true during this holy occasion. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the grace of Maa Durga. Wishing you a colorful Sharda Navratri!

The time that we all have been waiting for has come. Gather all your unfulfilled dreams and let them welcome Maa Durga as she makes them all come true!

I wish this Navratri will bring you all the happiness in this world. May you and your family be always blessed by the divine gifts of Durga. Happy Sharda Navratri 2018!

May your life become colorful with the colors of spirituality and religion. Enjoy every moment of these glorifying nine nights of Hinduism!

May the goddess Durga ushers your life with happiness, peace and positivism throughout the year. Have a wonderful Navratri! Enjoy the occasion with your family and friends!

Defeat the evil in life with the blessings of Maa Durga. May this Navratri bring peace and prosperity for you and your family! Happy Navratri!

Navratri Greetings Card Messages for Family & Relatives

I feel lucky to be raised in a family that is so religiously devoted to Hinduism. Navratri has always been a spectacular occasion for me. Wishing everyone a happy Navratri!

Navratri becomes much more than a holy occasion when someone has neighbors like you. Wishing my awesome neighbors a great Navratri this year!

You people taught me that devotion to one’s religion leads to greater joy. On this very special occasion, I want all my relatives to know that I’m lucky to have you!

Nothing in this world is more joyful than enjoying Navratri with family and relatives. May goddess Durga surrounds us with her blessings forever!

Let’s celebrate the victory of the good over the bad, just over the unjust, light over the dark. Let us all be enlightened with the teachings of God Rama in this Navratri!

May the goddess Durga keep our family from evil forces of this world. May she protect every one of us with her divine power! Happy Navratri to all.

It’s a great occasion for us not only to celebrate but also to educate ourselves about the holy religion of Hinduism. Let’s make this Navratri a great one to remember!

Happy Navratri to each and every member of my family. I wish you have a wonderful time together. Let’s celebrate the arrival of Maa Durga on this earth!

Happy Navratri! With this festival, welcome the fresh Divinity in your life and give it a new start.
Navratri is the beginning of the New year for Hindus. Let’s begin it with cheer and divinity.
Enjoy the nine days of Navratri. May the goddess Druga bless you and fill your life with all positivities.
Happy Navatrai to all the followers of Ma Durga. Enjoy the festival and feel the eternal energy of Goddess Durga.
Celebrate Navratri with friends and family and bring smile on others face. Happy Navratri festival
I pray to Ma Durga to fill your life with money, pride, respect and honor.
This navratri celebrate the festival like you haven’t done before. Pray to the Goddess and thank her for this wonderful life.
Navratri brings fortune, success and cheer and I wish Ma Durga bless you that, you have all these forever.

Navratri Messages

  • May the nine days and nine nights of Navratri bring you good health and fortune. Wishing you a very Happy Navratri.
  • Whatever you do in life, may Goddess Durga always be by your side. Shubh Navratri!
  • May your life be overloaded with the blessings of Goddess Durga. Happy Navratri!
  • May you be always happy and Goddess Durga fulfil your every desire. Wishing you and your family a very happy Navratri.
  • May the auspicious festival of Navratri bring you good luck and prosperity. Happy Navratri!
  • May Goddess Durga provide you the strength to overcome all obstacles in life. Shubh Navratri!
  • May Goddess Durga grant you the strength and wisdom to scale new heights in life. Happy Navratri!
  • May each of these nine days of Navratri being you immense prosperity and joy. Happy Navratri!
  • May Goddess Durga give you calmness, peace of mind and the resolve to accomplish great things in life. Shubh Navratri!
  • May maa Durga’s blessings be always upon you and your home be overwhelmed with love and prosperity. Happy Navratri!
  • May Maa Durga bless you with health, wealth and prosperity and may you get what you desire always. Happy Navratri!
  • Wishing plenty of blessings for you and family. May Maa Durga always be with you. Happy Navratri!
  • Navratri is coming is coming and its fragrance is already around. Before, I get drenched in Masti, I wish you happy Navratri.
  • Happy Navratri, may the goddess Durga give you good luck, fortune and prosperity all through the year. Happy Navratri and New year.
  • Wish you the navratri Festival. May the goddess Durga and its nine decreases shower blessings on you and make ur life cheerful.
  • May the Navratri festival remain full of joyous moments for you and your family. Celebrate it with full zeal.

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